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All good tipsters will have their tips proofed by an independent proof tipping service, this ensures that tipsters can prove a track record and you can make the most informed decision about choosing a tipster.

To find our proofed tips please visit Racing-Index at the below links, this details which horses we have tipped, the result and also some good summary tables.

We post our tips based on a fixed liability betting strategy rather than the starlays double down strategy, as we have to post all 4 tips on our premier club but will not always bet on all four as per the strategy.   

As such the profit figures can look rather dissappointing as the tips assume a fixed amount bet on every horse we tip.

Starlays Premier Club

Starlays Basic

Our Summary table below showing the number of tips, win rate and average odds are below which can help show how we are performing

Premier Club

Basic Club









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- 1 Lay Tip a Day
- Tips 7 days a week
- Equivalent to 40p a day
- No contract
- 4 Lay Tip a Day
- Tips 7 days a week
- Equivalent to 90p a day
- No contract
- 1 Lay Tip if the day before's Premier Club hit 4 winners
- Emails updating on service, special offers and useful information 

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