Getting Started

Welcome to your free getting started guide to Lay Betting. 

Here we will set out everything you need in order to begin lay betting and  making a second income from our bet tipping service.

To make the most of our 10 day free trial we suggest you complete the below steps before you subscribe so that you are ready to go straight away.

This helpful guide is separated into the things you must do in order to be able to place lay bets followed by a section titled should do, which are the things we here at Starlays feel you should do in order to make the most out of the tipping service we provide, maximise your returns and keep yourself safe.

Must Do's


Sign up to a Betting Exchange

There are only 3 Betting Websites, known as Betting Exchanges, that provide lay betting services. you will need to sign up to atleast one of them;


BetFair Exchange



Familiarise yourself with how to place a lay bet

On all the above websites the Lay Betting bets are those on the right hand side next to a horse.

In Smarkets it is the blue number and those to the right of it

In Betfair it is the pink numbers


Understand the Principals of Betting Bank Management

As good as we are here at Starlays no one can be right every time and you will lay a horse won day that unfortunately, atleast for us, will win the race.

The key to being profitable over time is that overall you are a winner.

As a very basic principle our advice is to never bet more than 5 to 10% of your Bank each bet.

See our Betting Systems page for more details. we recommend using our unique Double-Down System


Subscribe and start making some money!

That is it, once you have an exchange account and have subscribed to our service at Starlays you can being making a profit from winning on the loser





Currently Closed

- 1 Lay Tip a Day
- Tips 7 days a week
- Equivalent to 40p a day
- No contract





Currently Closed

- 4 Lay Tip a Day
- Tips 7 days a week
- Equivalent to 90p a day
- No contract

Should Do's


Understand Lay Betting

Whilst there is nothing stopping you just blinding following our tips at Starlays we do suggest you take time to understand what you are doing.  It's what you would do with other investments right?

So, if you haven't already take a look at our Lay Betting - Explained page and watch the video


Pick a Betting System

We covered Betting Bank above in the must do's.

Managing your betting bank is a must, however to maximise profit we strongly suggest picking a system that works for you and stick to it!


Know your Limits and Stick to them

First we suggest taking the Gambling Self Assessment Quiz provided by Responsible Gambling if the tests suggests you should stop gambling please, take the advice and seek the appropriate help, we won't be offended, quite the opposite we actively encourage it!

Secondly all three of the Betting Exchanges allow you to set limits on;




We suggest setting these limits when you set up your account so that this remains fun and controlled


Be Disciplined and do not Panic!

As mentioned above there will be times when unfortauntly our tips will lose for us, this only happens in c15-20%.

However when it does you must not panic!

Never, ever, ever place a bet chasing a loss that you are not comfortable, if you feel nervous about the size of a bet or liability don't place it!  it is better to lose a little and pick up tomorrow than lose a lot and wipe out your bank.

If you did place the bet and can't stop working about it don't fret, we suggest going in and cashing out of the bet, you will likely lose a little but but again better than being stressed and worried!


When the fun stops, Stop!

Below is a link to the necessary areas if you have concerns with your gambling habits.

Here at Starlays we want to offer you a service to win and build your money over time.

If it doesn't work for you we will not be offended if you chose to unsubscribe with is why we do not offer