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Currently Closed

- 1 Lay Tip a Day
- Tips 7 days a week
- Equivalent to 40p a day
- No contract





Currently Closed

- 4 Lay Tip a Day
- Tips 7 days a week
- Equivalent to 90p a day
- No contract

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- 1 Lay Tip if the day before's Premier Club hit 4 winners
- Emails updating on service, special offers and useful information 

About Us


Our Team has a broad range of skills in accountancy, statistic modelling, game theory and risk management.


Coupled with a passion for horse racing and

years of matched and lay betting experience we are in a position to offer a service based on a mix of mathematical logic and racing insight to help you win

Professional and Experienced


Caring and Trustworthy

Our aim is to pass on our expertise and knowledge so that you can make a profit.

We are not selling a service without regard for the quality and output, when you win we win, with an aim to keeping you as a loyal subscriber

As such we do not offer long contracts and we bet with you deploying the systems set out on our website to make a profit too.

Three Horses

Complimentary not Competitive

Our approach to picking 'false favourites' is unique to us which means we offer different tips to other sites out there offering similar services.

We respect our peers and see ourselves as a complimentary service not a competitive service and certainly do not recycle other's tips.