Betting Systems

Betting Bank

Your Betting Bank, sometimes called Betting Bank Roll or simply Bank, is the amount of money you have decided to use to enable you to place bets.

Managing this budget is key to long term success because if it runs out, you will no longer be able to place bets.

we suggest that when placing bets you should place a bet at around 3-5% of your bank nothing your liability will be more than this in a lay bet.

the key to long term success is managing your betting bank so that you can sustain a loss and recover quickly.

Fixed Stake System

One of the simplest systems to follow and a good starting point.

With this betting system you will place the same size bet each time, regardless of liability.


Fixed Liability System

Very similar to fixed stake but with this system you fix the liability and vary the bet

With this betting system you will place different size bets but maintain a liability amount


Martingale System


The system of choice for lay betters and is known by various names across the industry.

For the mathematicians out there this is a negative progression system which essentially translates as one where you increase the bet if the last bet lost.

Initially set up for making small profits on 50:50 bets with the introduction of lay betting this system has come in to its own.

The key to this technique working is to set a target that is proportionate to your betting bank, being disciplined and trusting the system.