Betting Systems

Betting Bank

Your Betting Bank, sometimes called Bank Roll or simply Bank, is the amount of money you have decided to use to enable you to place bets.

Managing this budget is key to long term success because if it runs out, you will no longer be able to place bets.

we suggest that when placing bets you should place a bet at around 3-5% of your bank noting your liability will be more than this in a lay bet.

the key to long term success is managing your betting bank so that you can sustain a loss and recover quickly.

Starlays Double-Down Betting System

Our unique strategy designed to manage losing streaks and win in the long term.

Developed by taking the Martingale technique and twisting it to suit the nature of lay betting given odds are not at 50:50.

Whilst a little tricker to understand it's betting bank management is superior, in our opinion, to copying Martingale directly as other do as the Martingale technically simply wasn't designed for lay betting.

A calculator for our system can be found here Starlays Double Down Calculator


- Controls betting bank well


- Recovers losses quickly

- Good for both Clubs


- Requires Discipline


- Need to accept there will be losing days and winning days

Our Double-Down betting system is very loosely based on the Martingale Betting system but adjusted for lay betting and is, as far as we are aware, unique.

It doesn't 'guarantee a profit' like the martingale technique does in theory but in practice the martingale technique simply doesn't work unless you have a bottomless pit of money (and if you do have one of those you probably don't need us!)

What our system is designed to do is manage your betting bank in such away that you ride out any unfortunate losing streak and recover quickly from it whilst protecting your bank and not put you in a position of placing a huge amount at risk.


This system is designed to accept a small lose on any particular day but recover quickly from it and over the long term return a profit.

We would like to remind you at this juncture that nothing in-life it is guaranteed and we are not promising you a guaranteed return, but, over each month it is mathematically and statistically designed to work and is the technique we have settled on here at Starlays that we use.

Put simply our betting systems requires the following;


1) Set a daily target of between 2% and 5% of your betting Bank (e.g. if the money you have put aside for this is £500 your daily target should be between £10 and £25)

2) Keep a track of your Last Bet Result (LBR) and the Bet Result Before That (BRBT)and follow the table below

Next Bet Amount





Half your Bet - but never below your daily target

Double your last Bet

Bet Same as last Bet

Double your last Bet





You can download and use your handful calculator here

We also have these two infographics for you to download and keep

               Betting Strategy Sheet                       Betting Strategy Process Infographic

3) if you are a basic club subscriber you will use this on each tip each day

4) if you are a Premier club subscriber if you will bet on the first tip of the day, if it wins, stop for the day, if it loses your next bet is on the second tip of the day.

5) if that tip wins, stop for the day, if it loses your next bet is on the third tip of the day and you get the jist of it.



At first it may seem a bit daunting but all you need to do is keep a track of your last two bet outcomes and follow the instructions above,  but if you do need help please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain in detail.