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Here at Starlays, we are passionate about bringing our clients a whole new approach to betting. Our unique double-down betting system along with our high-quality horse racing tips will give you the opportunity to actually start winning and maybe even make a second, tax-free income through horse racing betting tips.


Our specialisation is lay betting tips. This is choosing a horse that will lose, or at least, not win the race. It sounds easy, right? Why would you need our lay tips? Well, we help you determine false favourites, rather than 50/1 odds and help you make real profits. With lower odds, you’re putting less at risk. At Starlays we are proud of our 80%-win rate on all our selections and believe in our Double-Down strategy


The team at Starlays have extensive experience in the industry. As well as having background in bookmaking, we also boast expertise in accountancy, statistic modelling, game theory and risk management. This gives us a unique perspective that we can pass on to our members.


Over the years we have developed a unique and highly accurate method of picking our horse racing tips meaning we offer different selections each day compared to our peers in the industry giving you more opportunity.

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We’re so confident you’ll love our lay tips and advice; we offer our service with no contract and the first 10 days are completely free. From just 40p a day, you can get invaluable support in your money making endeavours. Sign up today to see our outcomes for yourself! At Starlays, our exclusive team of experts carefully pick 'false favourites.' This means are lay betting tips are at low odds so you can bet a reasonable return and put less at risk.


Notice: As with any gambling, results cannot be guaranteed otherwise there would be a huge concern of race fixing. Only gamble with what you are prepared to risk losing as, while our lay tips have an 80% strike rate of winning and coupled with our Double-Down strategy we have a track record of profit, past performance is not a guarantee of future success. 

So What Exactly is Lay Betting?


See our Lay Betting - Explained page or get in contact via our Contacts Page for full details but as a preview.

Lay Betting is betting against something happening.  specifically, in horse racing, this is betting that a specific horse won't win a race.  The below video offers a very good, comprehensive explanation.

Our online betting tipsters at Starlays can help you understand every aspect of lay betting to bring you horse racing tips that can actually benefit you and your online betting.

What is our Double-Down Betting System


People who are looking to make their gambling hobby a little more profitable have probably heard of a few betting strategies or techniques that supposedly guarantee ways to make money with your bets! Sounds incredible but, unfortunately, a lot of these only work in theory. Our double-down strategy is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s designed to manage your bank in a way that allows you to accept occasional small loses and still grow your income overall.


Our experts at Starlays are passionate about helping our members with their online betting strategy. We take your satisfaction incredibly seriously. In fact, we consider it our most important marker of success. This is why we work so hard to help you understand exactly how to perform this strategy to its most optimal level. 


Double-down is easy to keep track of too. You just need to be aware of your last two bets and work from there. We have a comprehensive guide to help you get a full understanding of our system and how it can work for you.

While most betting tips online will simply give you the tips we want to go the extra mile for our subscribers and help them with a workable system.  If you follow us on Instagram we endeavour to update our story on what to do each bet


Why is our Double-Down a better choice than Martingale?

The Martingale Technique, which goes by various other names across other online betting tipsters, simply tells you to bet what you lost plus what you want to win after every loss. 


In principle, Martingale is an amazing style of betting for its intended purpose, the casinos. However, in practise for lay betting, Martingale only works for those with a bottomless pit of money. And, if you had one of those, you probably wouldn’t be here. Put simply martingale is not a sustainable strategy as a bad betting day can wipe you out! If your first bet of the day loses, your next bet needs to be what you lost plus your daily target. You can end up spend hundreds chasing a £10 profit! Bets can spiral and get eye-wateringly high incredibly quickly.


Double-down is designed to be more sustainable in the long-term, even if you are going through a lean streak. Of course, we can’t guarantee every tip will win, but we have worked hard to bring a mathematical approach to gambling and are confident that in the long run, we can help you make a profit.


We ask you always to remember though, when the fun stops, make sure you stop. 




Save yourself time, energy and money by signing up and getting dependable Horse racing betting tips right to your inbox. Stop chasing tips that are unreliable and unlikely to bring you the win-rate that Starlays boasts.


If you’re interested in taking your gambling hobby into a second income that is totally tax-free or you’re just looking to find a friendly, approachable team with reliable horse racing tips to help you adopt a new system when betting on horse racing, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Starlays. We’re passionate about our work and dedicated to bringing our valued members expert lay betting tips they’ll struggle to find anywhere else. Sign up for less than 40p a day or get on our mailing list totally free! Sign up today and see how Starlays can benefit you.










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Notice:  Starlays Online Betting Tipsters take great care in identifying the very best horse racing betting tips and horse lay tips however with any betting tips online, and to be fair offline, there is no guarantee that every horse lay tip we provide will win.  In fact we know some will lose, which is why we provide a betting strategy to manage these events so you can get the very best our of our Horse Lay Tips.


Keeping Safe Whilst Lay Betting

Here at Starlays we are not just a betting tipster, we are passionate about keeping you safe and making you aware of all the features and help that are out there to support you to gamble safely. 

Firstly, if you are under the age of 18 our services are not for you due to the laws operating in the UK and Ireland.

Secondly, we are advocates for the 'when the fun stops, stop' campaign and using the limits that bookmakers provide to keep you safe, check out our social media pages for weekly updates on how these limits work and what they are for.

And finally, if you find yourself not having fun, getting stressed or losing control the below links can provide you support and help;



These sites offer great support and we urge you, if you feel your gambling is becoming a problem use the tools and help that these sites provide.